The “Village Apartments” in situated between two gorges, the Kourtaliotiko Gorge and the Kotsifou Gorge on the south coast of the Prefecture of Rethymno,Crete.Myrthios is a small village with a panoramic view over Plakias’ bay. The beautiful landscape and the atmosphere of the village is ideal for relaxing and enjoying yourself during your vacation. In the village of Myrthios you can find traditional tavernas with beautiful panoramic views, two cafeneios (traditional coffee places) with mini markets and shops selling souvenirs and jewellery as well as the old village houses and an old washing place with a well.

From Myrthios village there is a path of unique natural beauty leading to the village of Plakias bythe sea (1,5 km). The walk lasts about 20 minutes. The path is found in the middle of the village, close to the “Village Apartments.” Walking along the bewitching path to Plakias, you will encounter various species of herbs and flowers unique to Crete. Also, there are springs with running water, from which the village habitants used to be supplied with 50 years ago.

The “VillageApartments” are a 5 minutes drive to the sea and the village of Plakias. In Plakias there are supermarkets, sea front tavernas, coffee places and bars, a bus station, taxi stations, a doctor’s surgery, 2 pharmacies and a post office.

You can enjoy the sandy beach of Plakias bay and discover some other smaller beaches such as Damnoni, Souda Amoudi and Skinaria.

If you like water sports, why not explore the sea of southern Crete by scuba-diving in Plakias and Damnoni with organized groups by the two diving centers. There is also the opportunity to water ski and wind surf etc. in Damnoni.

A beautiful place to visit is the beach at Preveli. Surrounded by palm trees, and the river from the Kourtaliotis gorge running into the sea, it has often been used in advertisements and you can get there by car, bus, or boat from Plakias